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Salaman Bay Palm Island

Urban Design Project

Salman Bay Lagoon - KSA

With the freedom to reclaim land an artificial islands can have almost any outline, this island had to represent the Crest of Saudii Arabia with a palm and crossing sabers and located in a large lagoon circa 200 Km North of Jeddah. With the given outline the focus of the design process was on the problematics that such new element and urban structure bring in the lagoon. Cost lines, water flows, road connections and urban design have been studied to preserve the lagoon ecosystem and to find the correct number of residents for the island. Integrated PV systems on ligh weight shading structures, green water treatment plants along the access roads to reycle water for irrigation and achieve a greener environment in a desertic climate. Limited car access and public transport to the upper part of the island, balance among residencial, commercial, cultural and religious buildings. An articulated development to obtain "casual" private, semi-private and public spaces for a more friendly urban structure to keep constantly the development to a human scale.